with Vigilix POS-Sentry

Wow your clients

with Vigilix POS-Sentry, by remotely monitoring their networks, connectivity, and POS systems to catch issues before your clients even know there's a problem.

Remote Access

with Vigilix POS-Connect

Save yourself costly truck rolls

with Vigilix POS-Connect, by remotely logging in with our PCI-Compliant remote access tool.


with Vigilix POS-CYA

Be the hero who saved the day

with Vigilix POS-CYA, the PCI-Compliant solution for off-site back-up of your clients' critical point-of-sale data.

Manage Vendors

with Vigilix POS-Vendor Watch

Become more efficient

with Vigilix POS-Vendor Watch, by remotely controlling vendors’ access to your POS systems from anywhere in the world.


Only Vigilix can offer you remote management tools that are designed specifically for the POS marketplace. We speak your language. We know your pain. We can help improve your bottom line.


Raving Fans

  • Vigilix helped us sell a Premium Support Contract to a customer who had already turned down our Standard Support Contract.
  • We get alerted (of problems) by Vigilix and are able to call the customer to let them know. We love making those kinds of calls, because it shows them that we're on-the-ball.
  • Even if there's something you don't know about during the day, they dial in, they fix it immediately, and it's wonderful. It's nice to know you have that back up.
  • Because we had the Vigilix remote access and back-up system…the client was literally back in business within 5 minutes of that panic call.